TV Marketing Manager

The Role
This is a very exciting role that combines analytical thinking (e.g., data-driven steering of ad spends) with creative judgement and customer insights (e.g. what makes a TV ad memorable).
As Manager of TV Advertising: you will oversee double-digit millions in Ad spend, will own relationships with external media buying agencies and partner closely with in-house Creative and Brand teams to deliver strong and memorable TV Ads.
You will also monitor and analyze the performance of TV campaigns (quantitatively and qualitatively) and use those insights to optimize Ad Spend allocation and Ads on air. You will of course be supported by a seasoned manager and have opportunities to coach juniors.

What you will do:

  • Fully manage TV Marketing for Europe end-to-end: steering of multi-million ad spend, test & learn strategy, channel performance monitoring and reporting

  • Partner with in-house Creative and Brand teams to develop strong TV ads, based on quantitative (what worked) & qualitative (why) learnings from prior ads

  • Own relationships with external media buying agencies, including optimization of monthly media plans (spend allocation across networks x day parts)

  • Analyze trends in channel and ad campaign performance and generate quantitative insights to help optimize network / day part mix and (ad) creative rotation

  • Synthesize qualitative insights from customer focus groups on what aspects of ads resonate more vs. less with them, and leverage these insights to help create better ads

  • QA and ensure accuracy of data from networks / agencies, which is essential for reliable monitoring of channel and campaign performance.

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