Director - Digital HR Transformation and Workforce Transformation FS

1. What are you looking to achieve and why?

Our People Consulting practice in FS is currently sub-scale for the size of the market opportunity and in the context of our FS Consulting business. We have a significant opportunity to increase our market share by growing our practice. People Consulting focuses on addressing our clients’ key people issues across the people agenda and we have four propositions that address them. The first is Organisation Transformation which addresses all the people aspects of a business transformation, including behavioural change management and organisation design. The second, Workforce Transformation, addresses the workforce of the future that clients need to put in place for their new business models. It utilises a combination of workforce analytics and planning combined with employee experience design to define this and the capabilities required. The third proposition, Learning Solutions, addresses how those capabilities are built and reinvented through innovative learning programmes and services. Finally, the fourth proposition, Digital HR Transformation focuses on how to design and build the right HR function and technology to help their organisations drive this people agenda.

This is business case focuses on a Director who will drive our Digital HR Transformation and Workforce Transformation propositions in the FS market. In order to do that the Director will require proven experience of selling and delivering these engagements in FS and be able to evidence building relationships with senior HR clients.

2. Which strategic pillar do you align this need with?

This business case aligns around both the ‘evolve’ and ‘’transform’ strategic pillars. In terms of ‘evolve’ our Workforce Transformation and Digital HR Transformation core capability will be expanded in the FS market through sales across the sector, in particular taking advantage of Powered HR opportunities. In terms of ‘transform’ our Workforce Transformation and Digital HR Transformation capability will be built out further to address robotic process automation, intelligent automation and digital Workforce and HR solutions to address the rapidly growing area of digitisation and automation across our clients’ workforce and HR. This is a key issue for our clients in FS and one where we are gaining traction but need the leadership of a Director to maximise our opportunity.

This business case directly aligns to our Connected Consulting strategy. Workforce Transformation is one of People Consulting’s key propositions in the High Value Consulting Connected business, driving strategic transformation opportunity across Consulting. Digital HR Transformation is a key component of the Corporate Services Transformation Connected Consulting business. Furthermore it is the route to market for our Powered HR Workday, Oracle and Service Now solutions which are critical components of our Powered Enterprise set of solutions.

3. Current Situation

We are currently 2 Partners and 3 Directors in FS People Consulting growing from 1 Partner and 2 Directors at the end of FY17.

The market opportunity for People Consulting services in FS is significant. A conservative estimate of this market is £236m in the UK for FS People Consulting (Source: Source for Consulting 2018 Market Sizing Report) and FS is the fastest growing market. The other relevant internal benchmark is that the People Consulting practices in Corporates and National Markets make up 10% and 20% of the Corporates Consulting and NM Consulting Performance Group revenues whereas in FS it is 3%.

FS People Consulting is meeting its base business budget and has grown by 23% in FY18 to £6.1m. Our plan is to grow to £10m in FY19 and to £15m in FY20. Clearly this business case is focused on contribution to achieving the H2 FY19 and FY20 plan. Workforce Transformation and Digital HR Transformation are significant elements of this plan with £3.0m budgeted in FY19, growing to £5.0m in FY20.

The overall sales pipeline / FY19 account plans for FS People Consulting is circa £20m. The appointment of a Director to deliver this business case would ideally join the Firm in February 2019 to drive sales pipeline for H2 FY19 and FY20 delivery.

The impact of not progressing will be to restrict our growth such that we continue at a sub-scale level and do not achieve our 3-year plan. It will also mean that we fall further behind our competitors who are growing in this area.

4. Clients

Our target clients are across the FS coverage group, i.e. Banking, Insurance and Investment Management. We will target the priority accounts to maximise return on our sales effort. This will enable us to take advantage of CST/CLP and existing business development capabilities and client relationships whilst building out further relationships, in particular across our clients’ HR functions.

Clearly we have a number of audit clients across FS, however, we have a significant non-audit client base of priority accounts in FS Consulting where we have either only a small footprint or no footprint for these services.

5. Headcount

We require one Director to deliver this business case. We have consulted internally on our talent across the FS Consulting and broader UK Consulting leadership teams prior to commencing the search. There are three main reasons why we need an external hire for this role. Firstly, we need a Director to drive sales for this part of the business for us in FS and we do not have that capability currently. Secondly we need specific FS expertise and market presence in this area and again we do not have that with our internal talent. Finally we need an experienced Director to build the team and capability to deliver.

The skills at Senior Manager and below will be recruited in line with our FY19 budget to support the delivery of this business case.

6. Revenue / Cost

We would anticipate the Director to generate £2-3m revenues per year. Further to this, the Director would be key in the origination and sales of broader Corporate Services transformation opportunities across FS Consulting, aligned to our Connected Consulting strategy.

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