Digital Disruption Masterclass – leading and learning in a digital age

Effective organisational change demands a strong HR capability and powerful tools to steer your organisation through digital disruption.

This one-day complimentary masterclass will equip you with a clear understanding of what ‘disruption’ means and help you to define the principles of what’s needed for a coherent leadership plan and transformative learning strategy specific to your organisation.

Professor Alan Brown, professor in digital economy, University of Essex and co-lead for the Initiative in Digital Economy at Exeter University (INDEX), will bring to life agile approaches to business transformation and the relationship between technology innovation and business innovation in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy.

Elizabeth McManus, head of transformational leadership at The Oxford Group, will facilitate a practical session on the things that leaders find easy to say but hard to do, but which must happen if HR is to remain relevant in a digitising economy.

And Paul Westlake and Jez Anderson at Kineo will run a practical session which will define the role of HR in building digital capabilities, through practical exercises that bring to life the impact these experiences can have on informing an organisation’s learning journey.

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