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  • Can organisations really pursue profit and purpose?

    • 15 Mar 2020
    • Sarah Wild, Editor, Changeboard
    We spoke to business leaders and industry experts to find out what companies are doing around purpose, meaning and culture, in practical terms.
  • Older workers have purpose and passion too

    • 07 Mar 2020
    • Jane Evans, Founder, The Uninvisibility Project
    Employers must invest in older workers, argues Jane Evans, the founder of The Uninvisibility Project.
  • Changing mindsets about young people

    • 06 Mar 2020
    • Saeed Atcha, CEO, Youth Leads UK
    Saeed Atcha MBE, DL is the government’s social mobility commissioner. He explains why business has a huge role to play in progressing social mobility.
  • How ‘dark personalities’ affect your culture

    • 05 Mar 2020
    • Birgit Schyns, Professor in Organisational Behaviour, NEOMA Business School
    HR practices might help to mitigate against ‘dark-triad behaviours’ and destructive leadership, writes NEOMA Business School professor Birgit Schyns.
  • Bring employee voice into the boardroom

    • 04 Mar 2020
    • Louisa Moreton, Partner, Finsbury
    Treat employees as equals by giving them a voice that you hear and respond to writes Louisa Moreton, partner at Finsbury.
  • Change the workplace to change the world

    • 02 Mar 2020
    • Dr Alan Watkins, Founder and CEO, Complete
    The emergence of a brighter tomorrow is largely in the hands of business leaders, argues Dr Alan Watkins, CEO of Coherence.
  • What women (and men) want

    • 02 Mar 2020
    • Christine Armstrong, Author
    Perhaps your ‘women problem’ isn’t about women and isn’t the real problem, suggests author Christine Armstrong.
  • Let's embrace our collective intelligence

    • 01 Mar 2020
    • Simon Fanshawe, Co-founder, Diversity by Design
    Difference is an asset – and we must recruit, promote and manage for it, argues Simon Fanshawe, co-founder of Diversity by Design.
  • Bring purpose to life in your organisation

    • 01 Mar 2020
    • Michael Chavez, CEO, Duke Corporate Education.
    It’s time we made purpose a reality for people at all levels of our organisations, says Michael Chavez, CEO of Duke Corporate Education.
  • Knowledge is power in cyber security

    • 01 Mar 2020
    • Professor Deeph Chana, Imperial College London
    Engage in continuous learning around what new technologies mean for cyber security, writes Imperial College London's Professor Deeph Chana,
  • What is the purpose of having a purpose?

    • 01 Mar 2020
    • Helmut Schuster, group HR director, BP
    BP’s group HR director, Helmut Schuster, questions what organisational purpose can it help us achieve.
  • Throwing a spanner in the purpose works

    • 01 Mar 2020
    • Bruce Daisley
    Purpose needs to be more than a tokenistic endeavour if it’s really going to stick, writes former EMEA vice-president of Twitter Bruce Daisley.
  • Are you taking the pulse of your organisation?

    • 01 Mar 2020
    • Julien Codorniou, Vice President, Workplace at Facebook.
    Communication tools connect generations and provide your people with a voice, writes Julien Codorniou, vice-president of Workplace at Facebook.
  • Activating purpose to inspire our people

    • 01 Mar 2020
    • Michael Hayman MBE, DL, Co-founder, Seven Hills
    At a time of demographic disruption, productivity is an inspiration challenge, writes Michael Hayman MBE, DL, co-founder of Seven Hills.
  • What are the hallmarks of new CEOs?

    • 03 Feb 2020
    • Heidrick & Struggles
    To face rapidly shifting business challenges, companies are seeking a different breed of CEO, according to research by Heidrick & Struggles.
  • Identifying the right CEO for the right time

    • 03 Feb 2020
    • Heidrick & Struggles
    The role of the CEO is changing and so are the skills and competencies being sought, according to global research by Heidrick & Struggles.
  • Blue Monday: a chance to champion mental health

    • 17 Jan 2020
    • Josh Krichefski
    The cynical origins of 'Blue Monday' can be reimagined to encourage a more honest and responsible attitude to mental health in the workplace.
  • What is Leadership? An Overview

    • 19 Dec 2019
    • Changeboard Team
    Great leadership is the act of providing guidance, direction and management to both people and organisations using strategy and critical thinking.
  • Mental ill health isn't always a mental or health issue

    • 05 Dec 2019
    • Alan Watkins
    The mental health epidemic will only improve if we stop medicalizing normal emotional stagnation, suggests Dr. Alan Watkins.
  • Keeping business personal - why developing 'soft skills' is key to culture and customer connection

    • 30 Nov 2019
    • Shereen Daniels
    Shereen Daniels reminds us of the importance of ‘soft skills’ in a world of hard machinery.