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  • A life education: a lesson on you

    • 11 Nov 2015
    • Alan Watkins
    Good leaders are plentiful, but remarkable ones are rare. We learn what life lessons you need to help you become a strong role model. In the first les
  • A new slant on HR

    • 02 Nov 2015
    • Chris Roebuck
    A new world needs new thinking on leadership to deliver success, and give HR an opportunity to prove its worth says Chris Roebuck, visiting professo
  • 5 tips to create inspiring work environments

    • 25 Sep 2015
    • Kursty Groves-Knight
    Kursty Groves-Knight shares her five winning tips to create a fulfilling and inspiring work environment.
  • Women in tech: Coding success for girls

    • 22 Sep 2015
    • Sarah Clark
    According to research by the IET, only 7% of parents feel that STEM careers would appeal to their daughters, whereas for boys, this shoots up to 47%.
  • Why HR must learn lessons from marketing

    • 07 Sep 2015
    • Nick Kemsley
    To kick start an exclusive series for Changeboard from the Henley Business School, Professor Nick Kemsley discusses how HR can develop more of a marke
  • Make the right connections

    • 04 Sep 2015
    • Changeboard Team
    Professor Kurt Allman, associate dean, enterprise and engagement at Salford Business School, explains why creative entrepreneurship is a mindset worth
  • Surf's up: are you ready to ride?

    • 04 Sep 2015
    • Alan Watkins
    Are you willing to let everyday realities make you suffer and send you into emotional turmoil or do you want to embrace them head-on, and ultimately d
  • The power of hiring externally

    • 06 Jul 2015
    • Dr Stephen Ferris
    Why are employers fearing the unknown when it comes to CEO succession, often opting to promote internally rather than branching out? Dr Stephen P. Fer
  • Making innovation happen: Part 2

    • 06 May 2015
    • Changeboard Team
    In part two of an exclusive series, representatives from leading business schools Henley, Warwick, Cass and INSEAD, discuss innovation in the wake of
  • Live your values and speak out: Anthony Seldon

    • 02 Apr 2015
    • Mary Appleton
    The education system is failing to bring out the latent talents in all our young people, says Sir Anthony Seldon, master at Wellington College. But wh
  • Creating more responsible business leaders

    • 08 Jan 2015
    • Changeboard Team
    Why are some business leaders now creating value for wider society at the heart of their work? A new report by Ashridge Business School suggests that
  • Career profile: Melanie Francis, head of HR, Sa??d Business School

    • 07 Nov 2014
    • Sarah Clark
    Get to know your peers in the global HR community through our career profile series. Today, we talk to Melanie Francis, head of HR at Sa??d Business S
  • Leader, listener, peacemaker how to deliver strategy effectively

    • 23 Oct 2014
    • Changeboard Team
    To deliver strategy effectively, you must address infighting and lack of engagement, says Andrew Kakabadse of Henley Business School.