Remodelling the MBA for the modern world: examples

Written by
Sarah Wild

21 Nov 2019

21 Nov 2019 • by Sarah Wild

Three business schools around the world have amended their MBA programmes to suit the modern world.

NEOMA Business School, France

NEOMA Business School in France has redesigned its Global EMBA to offer three ‘entrance gates’. Students can select from a 15-month, 12-month or ‘full-and-flex’ programme (studying intensively full-time for two months during the summer, and then flexibly). Content can be customised, with learning structured around three competence-building ambitions: change your mindset, be bold and innovate, and create value.

Lancaster University Management School, UK

Lancaster University Management School is embracing philosophy, politics and poetry alongside finance, marketing and strategy. The introductory week of its MBA is anchored by a professor of romantic literature, with students exposed to Ruskin and Wordsworth, exploring the nature of economic change driven by science and its consequences for work, welfare and society.

IMD Business School, Switzerland

At IMD Business School in Switzerland, experiential elements make up 47% of its programme. To prepare EMBAs for an uncertain world, in 2015, IMD began offering participants crisis training with the armed forces in an Alpine military bunker. Last year, students ran a fictitious airport, facing a volcanic ash cloud and a bomb scare.


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