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04 Apr 2019

04 Apr 2019 • by Changeboard team

These free HR webinars and whitepapers from Workday are a must for all business leaders. Analytics in HR, social enterprise, building a 21st century workforce and doing more with less - download now before 30th April 2019 for top-tier insights.

HR webinar - making an impact with analytics

People analytics is a growing agenda for organisations, particularly given the rise of workplace technology that is now able to track employee behaviours and provide insights into performance, productivity and wellbeing.

How can you create a culture that is focused on analytics and ensure you are using people data to tackle significant challenges faced by your organisation?

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HR whitepaper - doing more with less

Are you a medium sized enterprise struggling with time-consuming paper-pushing? Is a limited budget forcing your HR team to focus on transactional tasks, rather than the strategies that will affect your whole workforce?

Download this whitepaper to:

  • Save time by cutting down on paper-pushing tasks
  • Renew focus on important HR strategies
  • Use the same HR systems as Fortune 500 companies without breaking the bank

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HR whitepaper - 3 steps for building a better workforce

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Technological, social and cultural trends are augmenting our organisations and workplaces. Are you building the right workforce in light of these changes?

Download this whitepaper, in association with Workday, to learn about three key steps drawn from the '2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends' report that emerging organisations can take to attract and retain top talent, including:

  • Redefining careers
  • Creating more personalised performance enablement to boost employee engagement
  • Using data-driven technology and analytics to enhance business value

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HR Whitepaper - 2018 global human capital trends, the rise of the social enterprise, and what business leaders need to know about the 21st century career

Businesses are no longer measured solely on their financial performance, or the quality of their products and services. Organisations are now also judged on their societal impact, the way they treat and engage their employees and customers and the support they give to the communities they operate in.

In their report, ‘2018 Global Human Capital Trends’, Deloitte surveyed over 11,000 business and HR leaders on issues ranging from AI to culture and diversity. The biggest trend they uncovered? The rise of the social enterprise. To find out more, download the report today.

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