Redefining learning for the 21st century - what do you think needs to change?

Written by
Kirstie Donnelly
City & Guilds Group

08 Mar 2019

08 Mar 2019 • by Kirstie Donnelly

Technology and new ways of working are completely transforming the workplace. The skills we need today are not those we will need tomorrow, and it’s impossible to anticipate the exact capabilities that will enable people, organisations and economies to flourish.

To keep up with the pace of change and create a workforce fit for the future, we need to rethink our approach to learning – which is currently too linear and reliant on formal or statutory education. If we are to mitigate the risk of employees’ skills becoming redundant and organisations not having the right talent for the future, the skills sector as a whole needs to evolve into something that is adaptable, sustainable, and comfortable with ongoing change.

For too long education and skills have been seen as the preserve of schools, universities and vocational education bodies rather than something that reflects the changing needs of people and their employers. 

It’s now critical that the responsibility for learning and development is much broader, with individuals and employers taking more ownership of their own learning that helps them shape their own career path. We also need to look at the different ways people learn -informally, socially, demand-driven – and identify ways of recognising the skills people develop on an ongoing basis. It is down to everyone from government to employers to individuals themselves to drive the skills agenda.

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