Video: One employer's pledge to help address mental health at work

13 Feb 2019

13 Feb 2019

In support of Time to Talk Day, designed by the Time to Change campaign to normalise conversations around mental health, MediaCom UK CEO Josh Krichefski pays tribute to the mental health allies in his company and makes a specific pledge of his own.

Time to Talk day is held annually to encourage everyone to have a conversation about mental health. This year, it took place on 7 February, themed around “bringing together the right ingredients to have a conversation about mental health”. However the free materials to run an event in your workplace can be downloaded at any time.

Companies can also make an Employer Pledge, signifying their intention to help change how we think and act around mental health in the workplace, committing to seven key principles:

  • demonstrating senior-level buy-in
  • demonstrating accountability and recruiting employee champions
  • raising awareness about mental health
  • developing policies to address mental health problems in the workplace
  • asking employees to share their experiences of mental health
  • equipping line managers to have conversations about mental health
  • providing information about mental health and signposting support services

To date, 982 organisations have pledged to end the mental health stigma through the Time to Change campaign.