Making an impact with analytics – how can you drive business performance with people data?

Written by
Changeboard Team

13 Nov 2018

13 Nov 2018 • by Changeboard Team

People analytics is a growing agenda for organisations, particularly given the rise of workplace technology that is now able to track employee behaviours and provide insights into performance, productivity and wellbeing.

How can you create a culture that is focused on analytics and ensure you are using people data to tackle significant challenges your organisation is facing?

Join our exclusive webinar to hear Euan Robertson, HRIS Director at medical equipment manufacturer Smith & Nephew, and Richard Doherty, Senior Director, EMEA Product Marketing, Workday, in conversation to discuss how people data can be used effectively to drive business performance.

Euan will provide a practical perspective based on his experiences of creating the case for people analytics and driving effectiveness, while Richard will discuss Workday’s latest survey of 3,852 business professionals, revealing how organisations are currently using people analytics to understand people data.

Attend this interactive webinar to discuss:

  • How people analytics is currently being used in organisations and how capable the HR function is with people analytics and people data
  • How you can influence the conversation around people analytics in your business – building skills and confidence
  • How to take your reporting from ‘zero to hero’

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