Matthew Taylor at Future Talent 2018

Written by
Sarah Wild

31 Jul 2018

31 Jul 2018 • by Sarah Wild

Lessons from the Taylor Review

Author of the Taylor review of modern working practices, Matthew Taylor, highlighted findings of particular relevance to the Changeboard audience, confirming that “the conversation about good work is here to stay”.

Referring back to the themes of the conference, he argued the need for a positive dialogue around technology, with an emphasis on how it will benefit human beings, citizenship within the workplace and a focus on health and wellbeing (“bad work screws you up”).

He moved on to talk about the boundary between self-employment and worker status and the growth of “the privileged self-employed”, rejecting the belief of many futurists that self-employment is the future of work.

People are motivated by “authority, belonging and individual ambition”, he stated, and “organisations provide these things”. However, many people have become “sick to death” of the dysfunctions of corporate life.

“Organisations are the future, but we’re going to have to think incredibly hard about how we have to change them to meet the demands and expectations of the 21st century,” Taylor concluded.

“If we can create organisations that are ‘creative communities with a cause’, the future of work and of society will be great. But it’s a challenge and we’ll have to think very hard about how we achieve it.”

To watch an exclusive Q&A with Matthew Taylor, as well as his presentation in full, click here.