Lord Chris Holmes speaks on AI in HR at Future Talent 2018

Written by
Sarah Wild

27 Jul 2018

27 Jul 2018 • by Sarah Wild

Future challenges for AI in HR - preparing for artificial intelligence in the workplace

“The thesis goes something like this,” declared Lord Chris Holmes, introducing his theme of preparing for artificial intelligence (AI). “The bots are coming, our jobs are going; we’re all off to hell, and no one’s even sure if there’s a handcart.”

But he reassured the audience: “In all the stuff I do with the Artificial Intelligence Select Committee, nothing I hear causes me to be anything other than rationally optimistic about the future.”

Challenges include appreciating the ‘everythingness’ of 4IR – which isn’t separate and distinct, but impacts every area of work and life.

“Second, we need to consider that everything and nothing changes,” continued Holmes. “What doesn’t change is the human heart. The fundamentals remain the same: we need fantastic leaders; tech is not something that should be parked in the IT department.”

Since we cannot predict the future with any accuracy, we will need to grow comfortable with making choices based on partial evidence and “constantly track [tech] back” to human values and ethics.

“For the first time in a long time, talent will eclipse capital as the most important factor of production,” stressed Holmes.

"The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves,” he summed up. “We have the potential to drive 4IR, not be driven by it. If we focus on connection, collaboration, responsibility, reciprocity, transparency and trust, we can make it a glorious success.” 

To watch an exclusive Q&A with Lord Holmes, as well as his presentation in full, click here.