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08 Jan 2018

08 Jan 2018 • by Changeboard Team

As an HR consultant, having a thorough knowledge and understanding of HR management is key. In many cases, an HR consultant will be called in through a consultancy to assist with an organisation’s issues.

The principal role of the HR consultant is to help a business develop a productive and efficient HR department, through the maximisation of its HR endeavours. 

What does an HR consultant do?

HR consultants are responsible for anticipating any issues within an organisation’s HR function and finding ways to remedy them. Being organised and strategic are key skills as an HR consultant, as you will be pulled around and your tasks will differ from day to day. You must be adaptable and be able to think on your feet. You will have to plan and provide advice across the business through training sessions. Your tasks will be dependent on the individual organisation and its needs.

Sample HR consultant responsibilities

Your responsibilities as an HR consultant will include:

  • Advising management on human resources plans and processes
  • Analysing the organisation’s current HR programmes and suggesting solutions to existing problems
  • Developing, reviewing, and applying HR policies and procedures where necessary 
  • Ensuring HR agendas are aligned with employment law issues
  • Formulating and retaining HR related reports
  • Acknowledging, suggesting and overseeing any changes related to workflow
  • Looking at new ways to generate and analyse data and reports
  • Auditing for any HR activities to ensure compliance
  • Creating and delivering HR related training sessions 

HR consultant skills and competencies

HR consultants must be qualified to degree level; a master’s or bachelor’s degree in HR, business or a relevant field is also favourable. Previous experience as an HR consultant and in project management is essential so that you have a strong understanding of the HR principles, strategies and tactics. Good communication and personal skills is vital as you will be building relationships with both clients and employees at all levels.

HR consultants will be expected to be proficient in:

  • Leading, managing and influencing other members of the team and employees across the business
  • Researching and acknowledging what methods have been used within an organisation previously, whether these have worked and how to improve on these going forward
  • Formulating business plans 
  • Improvising and adapting to organisational changes as and when they arise. HR consultants should foresee what changes will take place and have solutions for these
  • Communicating with employees and clients at all levels. Understanding the specific needs of those in question and implementing solutions where applicable 
  • Relationship building with employees and clients
  • Working with HR systems and IT programmes, i.e. payroll, work, excel

HR consultant salary expectations

The average salary for an HR consultant in the UK is £41,186. The wage can vary though, with entry level consultants starting at £29,000 and experienced workers earning up to and in excess of £58,000. At the upper end of the scale, HR consultancy features as one of the 22 highest paid HR jobs in the UK.

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