Change management consultant job description

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04 Jan 2018

04 Jan 2018 • by Changeboard Team

A change management consultant is responsible for implementing new concepts within a company and helping transform the ways in which the organisation operates.

A main duty of a change management consultant is acknowledging the areas where there is a need for change and assessing how this will affect the organisation.

What does a change management consultant do?

As a change management consultant, identifying which areas require change in an organisation is key; this could be employees, business systems or processes. As well as acknowledging the changes that should be made, it is also the task of a change management consultant to ensure these changes are implemented. 

Change management consultants must be capable of assessing situations, taking employees and business aims into consideration.

Creating and carrying out plans and ways to sensitively communicate potential alterations to employees is important. You should focus on the benefits that these changes will bring, but honesty is key to keeping employee onside. 

Sample change management consultant responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a change management consultant will be:

  • Overseeing and leading any change management projects, including the researching, implementation and assessment from start to finish
  • Managing the communications and views internally
  • Creating and conducting the coaching and training sessions, including e-learning for various audiences, including customer management and leadership. 
  • Having an understanding of the objectives and being able to project these in the classes
  • Understanding sales initiatives and prospects, being involved in internal sales meetings 
  • Ensuring project goals are met and executed by working with numerous internal resources
  • Mentoring and supporting junior team members and assigning tasks where relevant 
  • Long term relationship building with both clients and colleagues 
  • Ability to acknowledge and address any client issues and resolve these with the intent of exceeding client expectation
  • Helping with and leading on any colleague engagement programmes to do with internal change management 
  • Identifying suitable communication strategies and building on these, reviewing the plans and delivering reports to the executives

Change management consultant skills and competencies

Being qualified to degree level or above is essential for anyone interested in becoming a change management consultant, although a particular subject is not specified, business studies would be preferable. Having interpersonal skills, sensitivity and good communication is absolutely key in this role as you will be working with a wide range of personalities. 

Change management consultants will be expected to be proficient in the following:

  • Change management experience, including communications, engagement and behavioural and cultural change 
  • Organising and overseeing change programmes and plans
  • Constructing cases which initiate change, understanding and projecting specific benefits to come from these changes
  • Advising on stakeholder engagement and change programme accomplishments as well as determining long term changes to the business 
  • Establishing change within an organisation concentrating on employee development and behavioural and culture change through training 
  • Understanding the financial industry and other sectors within the business that impact on the organisation’s change programmes

Change management consultant salary expectations

The salary of a change management consultant in the UK can be anything between £45,000 and £89,000 depending on experience. However, the average wage is typically £63,675.

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