Diversity and inclusion manager job description template

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13 Dec 2017

13 Dec 2017 • by Changeboard Team

Working closely with the HR team, the diversity and inclusion manager will ensure that diversity agendas are successfully implemented and in line with businesses objectives. Understanding external trends and having the ability to transfer these to your company to improve your brand and diversity the workforce is key. 

What does a diversity and inclusion manager do?

The diversity and inclusion manager is responsible for recognising, creating and implementing plans to promote diversity within an organisation. A significant part of the role is promoting and developing training programmes to enhance employee understanding on inclusions issues. 

Diversity and inclusion managers act as HR regulators for diversity issues and are tasked with ensuring the organisation follows appropriate legislation and employment law regulations around bias and inclusion. 

Sample diversity and inclusion manager responsibilities

Your responsibilities as the diversity and inclusion manager will include:

  • Researching and advising on diversity and inclusion issues and creating programmes, training and values around this
  • Organising the disability services and corresponding affected areas i.e. recruitment
  • Supporting and guiding the recruitment team to help create a brand that appeals to diverse applicants and removes bias
  • Identifying external trends and recognising best practice which will increase diversity among the workforce 
  • Maintaining relationships with diversity related businesses, with the intention of working together and improving your company brand
  • Preparing and building relationships among colleagues through diversity and inclusion training 
  • Reviewing the organisations workplace, policies and procedures, ensuring that these are all inclusive

Diversity and inclusion manager skills and competencies

This particular role requires an understanding and awareness of diversity and inclusion issues and best practice. As the diversity and inclusion manager you must be dedicated to the continual progression diversity and inclusion policies.

It is vital that you are personable and good at communicating with and influencing people. You will be expected to be qualified to degree level in HR or business management, social science or any other associated fields.

Diversity and inclusion managers can expect to be responsible for the following:

  • Creating and running training sessions on diversity and inclusion
  • Having an awareness of people’s difficulties and helping them overcome these
  • Being a strong communicator, leader and having interpersonal skills 
  • Having an awareness of global and cultural issues 
  • Previous relationship management experience

Diversity and inclusion manager salary expectations

The average salary for a diversity and inclusion manager in the UK is £40,000, although, the salary does vary from £39,000 to £42,000.

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