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12 Dec 2017

12 Dec 2017 • by Changeboard Team

Employee relations consultants are responsible for anything to do with the employees of a company. Working closely with the HR department, employee relations consultants oversee and manage any employee issues, inspecting and resolving these where possible. 

What does an employee relations consultant do?

Employee relations consultants work closely with the HR department to investigate any internal issues and work to resolve these problems, sensitively and confidentially. Some of these issues may include complaints of harassment, discrimination or any other matters that could be classed as high risk.

The ability to interpret data, pull reports and conduct audits to comply with laws and regulations is essential. You will also be confident in producing and running training for employees and clients where necessary.

Sample employee relations consultant responsibilities

Your responsibilities as an employee relations consultant will include:

  • Researching and supporting with any employment related regulations
  • Serving as the first point of call for advice and problem solving in the areas of employee relations, discipline and performance management. You will provide guidance on various matters including documentation and policies; researching and analysing any employee relations concerns and suggesting recommendations to client management
  • Conducting research on legislative and regulatory tracking and reviewing these
  • Pulling and creating reports and audits relating to employee relations processes 
  • Dealing with TUPE and the relevant terms and conditions of the working environment
  • Reviewing the organisation's website for any employee relations issues, amending these and making sure all information is correct and up to date 
  • Interacting with HR consultants to create and run training sessions for clients 

Employee relations consultant skills and competencies

As an employee relations consultant, you will have an understanding of the employment law and the ability to apply this knowledge to any challenging or sensitive situations. Managerial experience and strong customer service capabilities are essential. Being CIPD (or equivalent) qualified is beneficial but not a requirement.

Employee relations consultants will be expected to be proficient in the following:

  • Communicating and interpersonal skills; the ability to work with numerous constituencies 
  • Knowledgeable in equal opportunity and affirmative action requirements 
  • Confidentiality and sensitivity, particularly when making judgments on specific issues
  • Understanding of employment laws and conventions as well as the public sector employment policies and processes
  • Preparing and running training sessions
  • Mathematical and confident with numbers
  • Analytical and good at problem solving
  • Knowledge of employment statute and regulations 

Employee relations consultant salary expectations

The average salary for an employee relations consultant in the UK is £40,167. However, the wage can fall between £28,000 and £55,000 bands depending on the circumstances.

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