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08 Dec 2017

08 Dec 2017 • by Changeboard

HR has an ever increasing influence on an organisation’s overall direction. Have you been working as a senior HR manager and are looking to make the next step? An HR business partner works closely with the head of the function to lead and deliver strategic objectives of the business.

What does an HR business partner do?

One of the senior members of any HR team, the HR business partner is an agent of change in the department and the business at large. Working across all aspect of the function’s remit, the HR business partner is responsible for the implementation and success of HR policies and initiatives. 

Sample HR business partner responsibilities

As an HR business partner, you can expect to be responsible for the following:

  • Building trusted relationships with senior stakeholders and leaders in the business
  • Providing strategic and day-to-day leadership to drive the delivery of the business’ HR plans
  • Using experience, skills and knowledge of the HR industry to make an impact in key areas such as change management, organisational design, employee engagement and talent analytics
  • Assisting in building strong talent pipelines and managing recruitment up to c-suite level
  • Coaching and mentoring junior team members and HR line managers
  • Supporting line managers across the business on organisational structure and design

HR business partner skills and competencies

You will be expected to hold a university degree, with a professional qualification from an accredited chartered institute such as the CIPD. An applicant will also be expected to have experience in a leadership position, either as an HR business partner in another organisation, or as an HR manager. You will also be required to have the following:

  • Communication skills – delivering the strategies of the business will require you to talk to stakeholders from around the business. As such, you will need to be able to present effectively to a different levels of seniority
  • General skills – an HR business partner will need to be a true generalist, with a good understanding of the many different responsibilities of the function (eg. Learning & development, reward, compensation & benefits)
  • Leadership – you will be working with line managers to deliver the function’s strategy. As such, you must be able to lead in the day to day operations of the business, and also on specific projects
  • Coaching skills – you will be seen as a mentor within the function and the business at large. You must be comfortable in offering advice to both your peers and junior employees
  • Strategic thinker – working closely with the HR director to deliver and implement new programmes and initiatives, experience of thinking strategically is an absolute must
  • Industry knowledge – building a coherent and successful HR strategy will require an extensive knowledge of the trends and changes in policy that are affecting people at work  

HR business partner salary expectations

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an HR business partner is £49,980. HR business partners can expect to earn between £34,000 and £71,000 a year. This role is one of the 22 highest paying HR jobs in the UK.

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