What turns your day around?

Written by
Sara Robinson

02 Dec 2015

02 Dec 2015 • by Sara Robinson

What turns your day around?

“If I have a bad day I can get uptight and sometimes a little sensitive, so I actually have a mantra pinned to a board on my desk, which reads: ‘Treat every day like it is your first here, don’t lose your temper, be courteous and try to listen, return calls and emails, and concentrate on the task in front of you, (and try not to swear!)’”

– Barry Davies, practice director at DJM Solicitors



“If something goes wrong in the office my first reaction is to sit down with a strong cup of tea and a few biscuits. I have to ensure that I’ve had a good period of reflection to stop anything worrying me further.

"I will then take the dog for a walk or spend a couple of hours at the gym to release stress and make me so exhausted I have no choice but to fall into bed at night.”

– Stuart Davies, managing director at TSW Training 

“I try to pre-empt problems before they happen. When making any decision in my business, it’s going to affect more than just myself so I know I have to see it through even if it turns out to be misjudged. Setbacks are always going to happen, but they become part of the process to get to the end goal.”

Jon Saunders, director of Croesy Bars Ltd




“If something is particularly frustrating I won’t hesitate to get up from my seat and stretch my legs. I used to be a runner and I find exercise is really good at helping to clear the mind. You can get so wrapped up in your own problems I find it’s often useful to call somebody to talk them through. It is important to share with someone on the same professional level, someone who understands.”

– Siân Goodson, managing director of Goodson Thomas


“I’m always thinking five steps ahead; you have to in my job. When something unexpected happens, it can have the potential to derail my whole day. To avoid this, I need to create some white space. I find a blast of Springsteen and a gym visit is the best cure for a frustrating day; it floods the brain with serotonin and helps me cope.”

Sara Robinson, managing director of Brighter Comms