Finding your Om in Oman - The Chedi Muscat

Written by
Mary Pratt

01 Dec 2016

01 Dec 2016 • by Mary Pratt

Any overworked business executive in the Middle East is intimately acquainted with stress: that heavy fog that hangs over you; the anxiety that wells up as the weekend draws to a close.

From the constant travel that makes the airport your second home to the non-stop emails flooding your inbox, stress lurks around every corner.

But because you’re an executive, you hold it in. After all, executives live off of thin air and adrenaline and know everything, right? Wrong. Stress doesn’t discriminate, it’s experienced by the best of us, no matter how high up the corporate ladder we might be.

I think back to the days when I used to sleep with my laptop by my side, spend Friday nights in the office, and holiday with my phone permanently to my ear. Mypriority was being significant at work, but before I knew it, I was becoming insignificant in life. My passion had become my personal pain. That was when I knew things had to change. Without health and wellbeing, what do we have? What can you accomplish when you’re a broken shell?

Having interviewed a number of world-class executives, I’ve discovered that those under the greatest stress, but who also have the greatest clarity, make space and time for themselves. It doesn’t require a huge lifestyle change. You just need to find and grab those moments where you can unwind, recharge, and reset.

On that note, we’re introducing three stunning luxury venues in Oman, all within a few hours’ drive or a short flight from Dubai; close enough to fit into any busy executive’s schedule but far enough to remove you from your stressors.

The Chedi Muscat

The Chedi is one of the longest standing 5-star hotels in Muscat, spread over 21 acres. Despite its proximity to the airport, it manages to feel just far enough away. On entering the domed lobby, you’ll be greeted with refreshments, cold towels and the fragrance of frankincense. The style of the resort – a mixture of Omani architecture and Asian Zenstyle – is immediately noticeable: a perfectly positioned black urn lines up with a manicured green lawn; the hedges are meticulously trimmed, and strategically aligned palm trees gently guide you to a clear blue ocean.

A stay in the standard queensized Serai room is adequate for those who plan on spending most of their time outside the room, but if you’re here to unwind fully, it’s worth upgrading to a Club Suite.

More than twice the size of the regular rooms, these free-standing suites come with exclusive access to The Club Lounge where you can enjoy afternoon tea or light evening refreshments.

Spotless wooden floors, a kingsize bed with crisp white linens, a terrazzo sunken bathtub – these details combine to create a luxurious and relaxing environment. Step out onto your private balcony or terrace and settle into a sun lounger while gazing out over the views.

Lounge on huge cabana beds at the Chedi Pool – the first infinity pool in Oman – and have the nearby ocean waves lull you into a dreamy daze, or seek out a buzzier atmosphere at The Long Pool.

Here, well-heeled local business executives who frequent the gym and pool as members combine with the holidaymakers. Both pools are adult-only.

The smart health club is perfect for burning off stress. There’s topof- the-line Technogym equipment but it’s on a wooden floor and you’re surrounded by dark woods, Asianthemed partitions and shelves of carefully curated books and objets d’art. For alignment of mind, body and soul, try a session of Hatha yoga.

The spa is based on the holistic principles of aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and herbalism, with 13 self-contained luxury suites. Try the signature Chedi Oriental Ritual, a two-and-a-half hour treatment starting with an aromatherapy foot polish followed by The Chedi Jade Massage.

The Chedi is the ideal retreat for those who appreciate understated elegance and a Zen atmosphere that promotes calm.

Executives will find plenty of peace and pleasure here, with the opportunity to mix in a little bit of business if you don’t want to switch off completely.