Space matters: how physical environments can enhance creativity and innovation in our digital world

Written by
Sarah Clark

23 Jul 2015

23 Jul 2015 • by Sarah Clark

How can you use your physical space as a tool and amplifier in your business? Firstly, take a closer look at your employees: “Spaces aren’t creative, people are,” was Groves-Knight’s key message.

“Our physical environment affects how we feel, how we are and it also brings people together – so why are we not bringing this fundamental principle into the workplace?” she asked.

“Our physical environment affects how we feel, how we are and it also brings people together – so why are we not bringing this fundamental principle into the workplace?”

In a study by the University of Exeter, Groves-Knight examined an agile workspace against an enriched one. Just adding plants, art and colourful surroundings drove up productivity by 17%. A further study showed organisations that empowered employees to take part in the design of their workspace saw this figure nearly double, to 32%.

One emerging trend is activity-based working, which Groves-Knight agrees is a great concept but stresses is not a “cut and paste exercise”.

She summarised with three key takeaways: Firstly, think about how to make your workspace effective; secondly, empower people through their environment, giving them the opportunity to take a role in its creation; and finally, evolve, keep the spaces changing and
moving because, like people, technology and business, they should be dynamic.

What should a creative space look like? “You decide. It’s what’s unique to your people and organisation,” she said.

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