When executive coaching goes wrong

Written by
Prof Konstantin Korotov

02 Aug 2016

02 Aug 2016 • by Prof Konstantin Korotov

The coach is just a messenger for the company

Coaching is used by the business or a manager to ‘deliver a message’ disguised as support. It’s a coward’s way of giving feedback.

The coach is psychologically abusive

The coach imposes what they believe to be ‘the right way’, unconsciously trying to resolve long-term issues with power, authority, and acceptance.

The coach simply cant help

The employee may need sponsoring or visibility, but gets coaching. They may even need counselling or psychological support, though this isn’t noticed by the coach.

The coach encourages dependency on coaching

The executive gets increasingly dependent on meetings to explore their choices and seek support in their decisions. The coach fails to notice, or worse, helps it to grow.

Coach imposes their own values

The coach may become privy to the things that the manager takes for granted and never doubts, but they have their own strong set of values that they work to impose instead.