Identifying leadership: Bucks Business School

Written by
Emily Sexton-Brown

24 Feb 2016

24 Feb 2016 • by Emily Sexton-Brown

What is your name and job title?

My name is Tejal Fatania and I am a senior lecturer in management.

Where do you work?

Bucks Business School, Bucks New University. I am also a visiting lecturer at the University of Warwick.

What led you onto your career path?

I started my working life as a  lecturer before moving into industry. I have had a 20 year career in industry working for  a number of global organisations in senior HR roles including EY, Eon and Capgemini. I came back into academia in 2014 as a result of my passion for teaching and research.

What or who has been the biggest influence within your career to date?

The complexities of working in global organisations – cultural barriers, organisational politics, leadership dynamics and transformational business change.

In your opinion, what does true leadership look like?

It should be authentic and inspire followership. Leaders need to be professional and credible but not be afraid to “be themselves”. People tend to “buy into” leaders who are genuine and do the right thing.

To be an innovative leader, what key skills are needed and how can leaders develop these effectively?

Leaders need to inspire and engage people in order to create real followership. This contributes to creating the right cultural environment for creativity and the generation of ideas. It also aids the promulgation of innovation and greater acceptance of new the approaches.

"People tend to buy into leaders who are genuine and do the right thing."

How do you anticipate leadership evolving in the coming years?

The fourth industrial revolution will have a profound impact on leadership. The fusion of various technologies such as artificial intelligence, biotech and the internet of things will blur the lines between physical, biological and digital spheres. Leaders will therefore have to navigate through an even more complex, multifaceted environment.

In your opinion, what are the top three management books aspiring leaders should read?

1) Leadership BS.  J. Pfeffer (2016)
2) Why Should anyone be led by you? R. Goffee and G.Jones (2006) 
3) On becoming a Leader. W.Bennis (1989)