Avoid burnout at work

Written by
Steve Nobel

08 Apr 2016

08 Apr 2016 • by Steve Nobel

Be balanced

Make your family and social life a higher priority. Factor in time for rest and relaxation. 

Communicate clearly

If you feel you can’t cope with your workload, ask for help. Learn to say no or negotiate.

Take exercise

Aerobic exercise of some kind, combined with yoga or Pilates, can prove an effective combination. 

Sleep soundly

A good night’s sleep can help you stay calm when under pressure.

Revise your diet

Overeating causes lethargy. Low blood sugar can add to anxiety or irritability. Be temperate with alcohol. 

Manage your time

Try arriving at work slightly early. Knowing you are late only fuels stress. Be realistic when it comes to your work schedule. Avoid trying to squeeze in too much or rushing to meet unrealistic deadlines. 

Find the humour

Take yourself less seriously. Learn to laugh with (not at) others. Plan for fun.