Want to boost your health? 5 things you should do every day at work

Written by
Mel Wells

24 Jun 2016

24 Jun 2016 • by Mel Wells

I try to always start my day with a glass of green juice, containing pineapple, cucumber, celery and lime. I like to make a big glass first thing in the morning and then put the rest into a flask to sip throughout the day and keep my energy up. Sometimes I add ginger for a kick. Recipe at: www.melwells.com

1. Take a lunch break

You can’t give from an empty cup, which also means you can’t perform to your best ability at work, if you’re not taking the time to come away from your desk and nourish your body with food that will keep you focused and energised for the afternoon.

2. Eat lunch away from your desk

...and without checking your phone, emails or Facebook. Take the time to eat your lunch consciously and mindfully, in a different environment than your office. This will help you to recharge your batteries, so you can go back in and have a productive afternoon.

3. Limit coffee intake

To around 2-3 cups per day. This will make you sleep better at night, and wake up much more energised and charged up in the mornings. If you’ve noticed you find it hard to wake up and get out of bed in the mornings, reducing your caffeine intake will make a huge difference.

4. Keep water on your desk

You should be drinking 2-3 litres every day. Make sure you are hydrating yourself regularly throughout your working day if you want to perform to your best ability.

5. Create a healthy calendar

Schedule your workouts, lunch breaks, food shopping time, and self care appointments, all into your Google calendar – especially if you notice they keep getting forgotten about or put off. These are just as important as your business meetings are. They are appointments with yourself, so make sure you show up for yourself.