Future Talent conference 2015: Alan Watkins' presentation slides

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Changeboard Team

13 May 2015

13 May 2015 • by Changeboard Team

What planet are you on? Tech driven human development

Did you know that there are 2,000 emotions in the universe? Dr Alan Watkins started his session asking the audience to tweet a specific emotion in relation to the day, using the all important hashtag (i.e. #happy #excited).

Watkins then walked his audience through the development process of a human, determining that every stage of a young child is of vital importance when taking control of emotion. Watkins reckons we don’t develop much further than a 14 year old inside, we just adapt to life more.

The purpose of this ‘self’ timeline is to determine ultimately what emotional planet you are on. An app that was devised by Complete Coherence was used throughout the day, monitoring the delegates ‘hashtagged’ emotions used on twitter. This tool is something that is meant to help you take control of your emotional planet.

“You move from victim, to taking control,” summarised Watkins.

See Alan Watkins' presentation slides below.