HR professionals the happiest in their roles

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Changeboard Team

07 Oct 2016

07 Oct 2016 • by Changeboard Team

A new global study has revealed that HR professionals have greater job satisfaction than their peers in other roles. 

The research, carried out by, asked respondents from a range of professions the question ‘Do you love your job?’

55% of HR professionals answered positively, with technology and telecoms the only other industry that had over half of respondents answering positively (51%). 

Over half of those surveyed answered negatively (57%), with those working in the tourism and restaurant, construction and real estate, and logistics industries the most disenchanted with their positions. 

The UK came 7th in regards to job satisfaction, as 42% of British based respondents were happy in their role. The Netherlands was the most content with 56% satisfaction.

The survey also took in to account other factor such as experience and company size.

Respondents were happier earlier in the careers, while people working in micro-companies (1-10 employees) reported 63% satisfaction, compared to just 40% in those who worked companies with over 250 employees.

Alice Leguay, co-founder and COO at commented: “Happiness at work is in no way correlated to absolute pay levels. The happiest employees are either very junior, in support functions, or working for small businesses, not necessarily where clichés would have us believe happiness lies.”