Having an ego - good or bad?

Written by
Andrew Sillitoe

23 Jan 2017

23 Jan 2017 • by Andrew Sillitoe

There are two types of ego, the external and the internal ego. The external ego wants to prove its worth to everyone else, whilst the internal ego wants to prove its worth to oneself.

Whether internal or external, an ego can help you to rise to the top of your profession. Equally, it can drive negative behaviours such as mistrust, over controlling the outcomes and the inability to take on developmental feedback.

You may want or need to change behaviours to make the next step in your profession or help others make their next step. It might be your ego that is stopping others from growing and not allowing you to develop a succession plan so you can advance your own career.

A healthy ego can help you deliver better performance and rise to the top, but as the leader your number one goal is to help others rise to the top.

The question is, are you ready to let go of your ego?