A life education: a lesson on you

Written by
Alan Watkins

11 Nov 2015

11 Nov 2015 • by Alan Watkins

A lesson on you

If you read the thousands of books written on leadership, they disagree about many things on becoming a ‘better’ leader. However, there is one thing every leadership book agrees on is... if you want to be a good leader you have to be yourself

"But who are you?"

Most leaders are trained in some kind of functional specialism, be it law, marketing or selling, but few are experts on themselves. They don’t have years of meditative practice contemplating their own ego. In fact, many don’t invest any time in understanding who they are.

Many organisations extol the value of ‘authentic leadership’ but how can you hope to be truly authentic if you don’t understand the structure of your own ego, the nature of identity or the anatomy of the self? The good news is that if you do the work to find out who you really are, uncover your own personal purpose and control the quality of your own thinking and consciousness, then the evidence suggests that you can become a truly transformational force capable of step changing organisational results and profitability.

"Good leadership requires a detailed understanding of the multidimensional nature of the self"