International women's day: 3 tips on how lead as a woman

Written by
Samantha Clarke

08 Mar 2017

08 Mar 2017 • by Samantha Clarke

Build a network

1.    Whether you are starting out in your career, charging up the ladder or staring out on your own, building a strong support network around your is ket to your success. Take the time to build the right relationships both professionally and personally to help you ride out the wins, losses, successes and changes. It's certainly helped me along the way.

Know your worth

2.    Charge not only what the market can handle but what you are worth. As women we can often find ourselves in people pleasing mode, accepting what we are given and generally not wanting to rock the boat. But we need to start realising our worth and going for more. Men don't second guess themselves, they don't see any harm in asking and taking bold audacious steps. Do the same!

Be reflective

3.    Make peace with the fact that you can't do/have it all. It's a lie, something has to give! The true power comes in having a constant and reflective conversation with yourself about the energy and the space you have to dedicate to your own personal needs/wants, your relationships with others and your work. Be aware that one area may have to take priority over the others, be present do what you need to do and then you can switch your focus. Spreading yourse​lf too thinly always comes with a cost.