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Written by
Jim Carrick-Birtwell

08 Feb 2015

08 Feb 2015 • by Jim Carrick-Birtwell

Changeboard’s Future Talent Conference on April 29th 2015 explores the impact of globalisation & the digital age on the world of work. Why not join us?

The workplace and organisational culture is being redefined by the seismic effects of technological innovation and globalisation. Technology is both shrinking and scaling our world. Meanwhile the landscape for business leaders has become far more complex, with decisions impacting simultaneously at local and global levels.

Big data is set to truly revolutionise most aspects of our lives in the next decade. What does this mean? And what will this look like? What do these changes mean for leaders and businesses? And how will HR need to adapt and to embrace information and analytics as core skills?
We hope to support your search for meaningful answers to these central questions with the views of our speakers who are all thought-leaders in their fields. 

We’re delighted to welcome back Alain de Botton and Peter Cheese, and look forward to hearing the insights of HR Directors Christine Deputy and Hayley Tatum from Aviva and Asda respectively, as well as inspiration from an eclectic range of luminaries. 

There will be full coverage in the next issue of the magazine, but we’d also like to invite you to join us at the beautiful Royal Opera House in London for the day. Find out more at: www.ftconference.changeboard.com

Jim Carrick-Birtwell