Simple steps for improving your health at work

Written by
Marie-Christine Luijckx

13 Feb 2017

13 Feb 2017 • by Marie-Christine Luijckx

It’s a fact that a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will allow you to perform better at work. However, changing your lifestyle when you’re used to pastries and pizza at your desk isn’t easy. Follow these five easy steps to start improving your health and wellbeing while at work.

Start the day right – A nutritious breakfast will fuel you for the day and keep you away from the croissants at the local coffee shop. 

Don’t leave too long between meals – Keep healthy snacks such as fruit nearby to keep yourself going throughout the day.

Think about what you drink as much as what you eat – Water is always best but green tea is a healthy alternative to coffee or black tea. Even mild dehydration will zap your energy and make you feel tired. 

Get up and walk around – It’s important to take breaks to re-focus and re-energise. Whether that means taking the stairs, parking further away, or walking to get your lunch, there are plenty of ways to incorporate movement into your day.

Don’t go it alone – Have a good support network and get your employer involved in making the workplace a healthier environment for you and your colleagues.