Putting people first: Suhaila Alnowakhda, HR director, Batelco

Written by
Suhaila Alnowakhda

03 Aug 2016

03 Aug 2016 • by Suhaila Alnowakhda

What is your organisations vision in the Middle East region?

To be recognised regionally for our successful human resources endeavors and taken as a benchmark for others to follow. 

What recruitment strategies do you have in place to build future talent pools to achieve this vision in the region?

Annually, we provide opportunities to third level students from local universities to work within Batelco. We provide classroom based skills training as well as providing practical experience, with the combination of knowledge based and practical work greatly enhancing their university courses. Our aim is to support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to build new generations of skilled Bahrainis to be the leaders in Bahrain’s industries.

What initiatives do you have in place to engage with national talent?

One of our key initiatives is undertaken in cooperation with Tamkeen. We have just launched the second year of a two year Telecommunications Professional Development Programme to train 14 bachelor degree holders to prepare them for various roles that are required by Batelco. The first year was a great success and everyone is looking forward to the new year of training ahead.

How do you position your organisation as an employer of choice?

Batelco not only provides a wide range of career opportunities but also offers many training and development programmes to enhance our employees’ skills. Additionally, Batelco employees benefit from very competitive remuneration plans, health benefits, saving schemes and housing loan programmes. Furthermore, all staff have access to a staff centre with many sports facilities including modern gyms. All of these benefits add up to a very desirable package that ensures that Batelco has the choice of the best candidates available.

How are you engaging with nationals to attract and retain the next generation of talent?

Batelco offers schemes for university students and graduates to provide on the job training and class room knowledge based training. Batelco is also a major sponsor of the CPISP (Crown Prince International Scholarship Programme) which funds third level education at some of the world’s leading universities for some of Bahrain’s brightest young students. The programme which has been running for a number of years is very successful and has produced some excellent educational results.