Three steps to become emotionally intelligent

Written by
Samineh Shaheem

18 May 2017

18 May 2017 • by Samineh Shaheem

When hiring a balanced and competent individual to get a job done, what qualities come to mind? IQ, grade point averages, academic qualifications?

How much does a university degree tell us about a person’s ability to work in a team, deal with stress, lead, be creative, solve problems, communicate clearly and resolve conflict?
What is needed for these skills is emotional intelligence (EQ) which is identifiable, measurable and can be learned and developed. EQ is a behavioural skill set or learned capacity to recognise, use, control, and express emotions constructively to manage relationships.

After three decades of research on EQ we know that while academic achievements might land you the job, they’re not what will get you promoted or boost team cohesiveness. The greatest leaders have the ability to move us, and that takes EQ. Without it, no matter how much of a genius you are, you’re more likely to derail from your path.


Three ways to develop your emotional intelligence

1)    Get to know yourself better by developing deeper self-awareness
2)    Learn from past mistakes and try not to repeat dysfunctional patterns
3)    Improve your listening skills and increase your empathy