Keeping spirits high during the festive season

Written by
Sven Hock

13 Dec 2018

13 Dec 2018 • by Sven Hock

During this busy festive period, what can you do to keep employee productivity and happiness as high as the Christmas cheer?

​Incentivise hard work

The months leading up to Christmas are extremely busy in most offices and everyone feels the pressure to get everything done before the New Year.

To boost morale during the manic periods, organise employee incentives to keep everyone productive and on task. Events like Christmas dinner/drinks are great for building team relationships and give employees something to look forward to at the end of the day. 

Individual incentives are also effective in keeping productivity high. You can motivate staff to meet targets and KPIs with incentives like a long lunch, an early finish or (if you’re feeling generous) a day off. 

Be thoughtful with your people

Be flexible with work hours. The holiday season often means a variety of social obligations and employees may want to take leave or work alternative hours.

A little employer flexibility during the Christmas period can go a long way in making a happy and productive workplace. If your staff need to leave early to catch a flight or make a family dinner, let them (if it’s feasible to do so).  Early finishes on Christmas Eve/New Year’s Eve are also a great way to relieve travel pressures.  

Plan ahead

The more proactive you are with employee leave leading up to the Christmas period, the better.

Set your Christmas holiday deadline early so everyone can be accommodated as best as possible. 

Create a festive atmosphere

A great way to build a positive office environment during the holidays is to create a festive atmosphere. There are a variety of ways to get your office into the Christmas spirt. You can: 

Decorate the office together: this is an effective way to promote team bonding and positivity. Creating a festive work environment can also reduce employee absence. Staff are more likely to come to work if they are in an environment they enjoy working in. Don’t forget a Christmas tree, because who doesn’t love the smell of pine!

Have a Secret Santa: Secret Santa is another great way to foster teamwork and help build a happy and positive workplace. Be sure to set guidelines around price!

Festive dress up competition: A bit of office dress-up can lighten the office and ensure your team is enjoying their working day. 

Celebrate: Although it’s important to encourage productivity in your staff during the festive season, it’s just as important to take the time to celebrate with them! Celebrating may simply mean providing lunch or organising after work drinks.