HR Transformation Programmes

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Changeboard Team

19 May 2010

19 May 2010 • by Changeboard Team

Thoughts on Programme failure

Here are some thoughts.

1.       HR generally is reluctant to adapt to significant HR Process change leading to heavy configuration/customisation of systems.

2.       The purchase of multiple HR systems over complicates the programme leading to increased costs and implementation timelines.

3.       Programme and Project managers who have no understanding of the HR function are influenced by HR

4.       Poor relationships between HR and IT

5.       Systems Integrators and consultancies should give best advice to clients rather than look to increase revenues

6.       The introduction of change into the business is poorly handled

Successful HR Transformations have a strong HR sponsor and Business buy in, they are led by experienced HR programme Directors and Managers who understand both the HR and Programme Management functions.

I am expecting a lot of criticism for my remarks, but, welcome members thoughts on why HR programmes fail and how we as HR/project managers can  ensure successful delivery


HCM systems have been sold primarily to HR departments as a way to improve Accuracy, operational effectiveness and reduce operating costs.  Many organisations have Transformed HR and reduced HR headcount, as a result they have fewer employees to manage and track operations when programmes dont go to plan or fail to deliver the full programme scope or realise the declared business Benefits. 


HR is particularly Challenged to justify their investments. When times are difficult, functions considered overhead such as HR are particularly constrained. Consultants along with other vendors in the HCM market, have to help customers build the business case for HCM. This will be a significant Challenge in organisations where budgets are tight.


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