Webinar: HR in uncertain times - what's your role?

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Changeboard Team

12 Apr 2017

12 Apr 2017 • by Changeboard Team

About the webinar

2016 was a year of great change, characterised by Trump, terror and Brexit. Global, political and economic factors have created a climate of uncertainty for HR leaders against a backdrop of unparalleled business disruption.

What is the impact of these changes on the HR function and how are leaders responding? Our exclusive webinar with Jill Miller, research adviser at the CIPD, and Richard Doherty of Workday, discusses the latest HR Outlook report, which puts the spotlight on the trends and challenges facing our profession, highlighting where attention and action is needed. Jill and Richard explore the priorities facing the function as we move into a business landscape which is anything but clear, and what you can do to ensure you are as effective as possible as an HR leader.

You'll learn:

  • How HR leaders view their role in guiding their organisation through periods of economic and political uncertainty, such as Brexit
  • The uptake of analytics and big data to strengthen evidence-based decision making and the barriers preventing HR from adopting these technologies
  • HR’s priorities for 2017, and how these are shifting from 2016
  • What you can personally do to ensure your HR function is as effective as possible during times of uncertainty 

Watch the webinar

Hosted on our YouTube channel, you can watch the full presentation including the Q&A session here:


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