Half of global workforce wants to quit in 2017

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Changeboard Team

22 Nov 2016

22 Nov 2016 • by Changeboard Team

In a survey of over 3,300 employees across 14 countries, it has been revealed that nearly half of workers are planning to leave their current organisation. 

According to a survey by Dale Carnegie Training, some 29% of workers plan to search for a new job within the next year, with 16% currently looking for a new job. Just 22% plan to stay in their current workforce. Only 16% plan to stay in the current company on a long-term basis. 

A primary reason for leaving is poor management, as an employee is ten times more likely to be very satisfied with their job when led by someone who is honest and trustworthy. Those that feel let down by their superiors are four times more likely to be looking elsewhere.

The lack of trust between employees and their supervisors appeared to be a key factor, as just under 20% of respondents said they felt that their direct supervisor was ‘rarely or never’ reliable in their interactions with their staff. 

Key findings of the survey

In order to retain talent, Dale Carnegie found that the following behaviours are key to driving employee engagement, thus retaining more talent: 


  • Sincere appreciation and praise are key to motivating employees around the world
  • Effective leaders develop themselves and create a safe environement that fosters their employees’ capacity to grow
  • Externally-reliable (honest with others and internally-reliable (true to themselves) leaders drive employee engagement.