Changeboard's top 10 articles for 2015

Written by
Sarah Clark

30 Dec 2015

30 Dec 2015 • by Sarah Clark

1. CEOs don't care about HR

Is it time for the HR structure to modernise? Nick Holley of Henley Business School certainly believes so, here he looks at keys issues surrounding why HR professionals think that CEOs don’t always take on board what the HR department have to offer.

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2. Common interview questions for senior professionals

With the new year fast approaching, it's most people's favourite time to start looking for a new job. Preparing for an interview as a senior professional can be a little daunting and you may feel out of practice...

Here, Matt Scott, operations manager in the HR division at Barclay Meade presents his guide to reintroducing yourself to the process. Go for it!

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3. Lynda Gratton: Identify your context and build everything around it

According to Professor Lynda Gratton of London Business School, work is no longer being defined by HR, but rather by ‘context’, which is created by the emergence of megatrends and their impact on society: “Work is being shaped by technology, globalisation, democracy and the ageing workforce, and the opportunity you have to make work as you want it,” she tells Mary Appleton.

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4. Career profile: Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD

Get to know your peers in the global HR community through our career profile series. Today, Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD, shares his journey – how he considered careers in medicine and flying before discovering a love for people and business.

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5. Future Talent survey 2015: What did our delegates think of the day?

April 2015: The Changeboard team, eleven keynote speakers, 500 HR & business professionals – all in one room – at the Royal Opera House in London. 

We discussed the impact of globalisation and the digital age on the world of work (and the conversation trended on Twitter across the globe)...

How did the day pan out? We ran a survey among our delegates and here’s what they said.

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6. The employment relationship: what employers need to know

How up-to-date is your employment relationship? Employment law can be complex and challenging at the best of times, even for the most experienced HR professional.

Here's a list of the most fundamental elements you need to consider for your employment law policies and rights, and how they apply to the employment relationship.

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7. Being bullied at work? How to recognise the signs and take appropriate action

Have you ever experienced (or feel you may have experienced) bullying in the workplace? 

Bullying is a gradual wearing down process that makes individuals feel demeaned and inadequate, that they can never get anything right, and that they are hopeless, not only within their work environment, but also in their domestic life.

Here's how to spot the tell-tale signs and overcome it.

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8. Should you ditch social media for a happier life?

A recent experiment by the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark found that quitting Facebook for just one week led to greater levels of life satisfaction, happiness, enthusiasm, concentration and decisiveness – while lowering levels of sadness, anger, worry, stress, loneliness and depression.

Is it time to reassess our addiction to social media? What would happen if we gave it up altogether? What does this mean for the digital world of work?

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9. What can horses teach you about leadership?

You can take a horse to water, but can you make it drink?

"Horses are highly social and have no knowledge or interest in human hierarchies or status. They don’t know whether you are the CEO or the cleaner; they only know how you are relating to them in the moment and will provide an immediate, open and honest response." – Sue Binks, senior consultant at Roffey Park, shares a rather innovative way of teaching leadership skills.

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10. Empowering managers to confident and effective leadership

As we approach a new year, how can we empower ourselves – and our employees – to be more confident and effective?

Veronice Broomes sets out some interesting situations; where confidence can be eroded and strategies that leaders can use to restore their self-confidence and (re)gain the confidence of their teams too.

Hi 2016, and here's to a more confident and fulfilled you.

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