Future Talent Forum: how to balance work with life

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Changeboard Team

07 Dec 2016

07 Dec 2016 • by Changeboard Team

Our October masterclass with The School of Life saw faculty member Fiona Buckland explore why we struggle with distinctions between our working and personal lives.

The session began by examining the role work plays in our perceptions of ourselves. “Do you want to be seen as more than just your work?” she asked participants.

Citing Life is Not a Journey by British philosopher Alan Watts, she suggested the best analogy for life is not a journey, but music. “When you travel, the destination is the end goal. In music, the composition as a whole – rather than the final chord – is the most important thing. Too often we treat life as a journey, forgetting to live along the way.“

This moment of reflection led Buckland to examine our relationship with time. “Think of work as time off from yourself, rather than leisure as time off work,” she suggested. “Reframing our relationship with time can create a culture shift in our work/life balance.”

The session ended with the group examining the importance of ‘play’. “True leisure is choosing to do something for its own sake.

Are you playing, or just recovering from work?” questioned Buckland.