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26 Apr 2013

26 Apr 2013 • by Changeboard Team

Is 2013 the year for mobile recruitment sites?

Every January, we are used to reading bold predictions, but I believe 2013 will be the year mobile recruiting really comes to prominence.

The move towards a greater emphasis on mobile recruitment platforms will represent a major shift for many firms in not only how they recruit, but how they communicate with candidates, hiring managers and agencies.

How can recruiters implement a mobile strategy?

They don’t have to take my word to see how important it is to have a fully mobile, intuitive career portal – they can just take a look at the statistics. ComScore’s latest research suggests that 2.8 million UK job seekers use a mobile device every month to look at job listings, while Eurostat has disclosed that 39% of companies across the EU provide their staff with smartphones or tablets so they can work remotely.

How many recruiters would ignore such startling evidence?

How will Eploy meet the needs of this area?

We have been working on this platform for some years – having predicted that mobile would be a crucial tool for recruiters – and have made a big investment into research and development. We’ve found that in a few short years, mobile sites and candidates’ expectations have changed a lot, so it is important to continually look at new, innovative solutions that will work for recruiters.

Our latest figures show that 41% of our customers use their mobile devices to access the entire Eploy recruitment system to perform their day-to-day recruitment activities. And 70 per cent have candidates accessing their Eploy-powered career portal via a mobile device – which allows them to search apply for jobs, manage timesheets, diaries and more.

What will change this year?

We will continue to push the boundaries of recruitment technology. This includes the launch of our new ‘mobile- enhanced’ web platform. We’ve invested more than £750k into this over the last two years to boost its levels of technical sophistication, social integration and overall accessibility. There are also multilingual portals for international clients. In fact, we are now in the final stages of completing a multilingual career portal for Oxford Instruments, one of the world’s leading players in research and development equipment and employer of more than 2,000 people.

What are the key features of the new ‘mobile-enhanced’ Eploy?

The fully mobile system allows candidates to register and manage their entire application and career, from registration to interview booking via their smartphone or tablet device. It also enables them to deal with any compliance and on-boarding activities.

There is a new set of advanced automated SMS, email and social communication tools, plus talent community

“Mobile offers great opportunities to build trust and brand awareness and engage with talent.’’ features, interactive social and referral links. All of these are integrated into the core system and are managed and tracked at source within the software.

We’ve also added a mobile intelligent mapping and postcode location service that links to a company’s career portal / website via Eploy and Google Maps.

What will these changes mean to recruiters?

This new ‘mobile-enhanced’ platform promises to take mobile to a new level. Customers can offer their candidates, clients and hiring managers a tailored mobile experience that is years ahead of the rest of the industry, including that in the US.

Currently, most companies offer a basic mobile package for their candidates. Usually, these are bolt-on web pages or applications that have little functionality and lack coherence. Our platform offers an ‘enhanced’ user experience that genuinely rivals the desktop experience.

Final thoughts on mobile?

The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly. We are living in a mobile world now and the vast majority of candidates expect to be able to get information and communicate about career opportunities on their mobile device - either through email, SMS or social media. They want quick and easy access to messages and opportunities and to be able to respond while on the move.

This requires recruiters to start fully embracing and integrating mobile technologies into their recruitment and social media strategy. Mobile offers great opportunities to build trust and brand awareness and engage with talent.