7 questions to ask yourself before returning from holiday

Written by
Julia Middleton

04 Jul 2016

04 Jul 2016 • by Julia Middleton

Come rain or shine, we always spend our summer holidays on the same island, off the coast of Scotland. This year I had that empty end-of-holiday feeling. I wondered if I was ready for the year ahead. So I asked myself some questions. If you’re a CEO coming back from a long break like me, you might find it helpful to ask yourself these same questions.

Can I still remember all the things that were on my action list when I left for holidays?

Have I stopped getting irritated by people not doing things for me instantly?

Have I reminded myself of why I want to go back; to do what I do in the first place?

Have I thought of two things I need to do that will develop my successor?

Have I made one resolution that will improve my health?

Have I had some of the conversations with the people who matter to me, which I could not have had when I was in a higher gear?

And for me - have I spent enough time by the sea; watching waves crash on rocks, starring at the depth of the blues and gasping at the vastness of the sky? It keeps things in perspective.