How can we make HR a career of choice?

Written by
Sarah Clark

05 May 2016

05 May 2016 • by Sarah Clark

How did you get into HR?

In 2015, Changeboard published an article asking: ‘How can we make HR a more appealing career?’ in which the CIPD’s head of career development, Claire Bishop, unveiled an innovative way of exploring a career in HR . Via a dedicated platform on careers website, Plotr, this used gamification to inspire 11-24 year-olds about a number of professions.

“HR still struggles to be seen as an exciting and rewarding career,” explained Bishop. “So, to raise awareness of its scope and appeal, the CIPD launched a virtual ‘HR world’.”

Bishop’s article created extensive buzz and debate – not just among young people, but within our own community of business leaders.

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Changeboard needs your input

This spring, Changeboard will roll out an exclusive survey. We want to know how you got into HR, what inspires and motivates you, and ultimately, how we can create a new perception of HR. Look out for the survey in our weekly newsletter and have your say. Full results will be showcased later this year.