Accident Awareness Week: Top 12 mishaps declared by HR professionals

Written by
Sarah Clark

13 Nov 2015

13 Nov 2015 • by Sarah Clark

How accident prone are you?

To mark Accident Awareness Week, The National Accident Helpline conducted research among 2,247 British people – you'll be amazed what these HR professionals confessed to.

1. Dropping mobile phones on your face oh the shame

15% admit to dropping their mobile phone on their face, whilst reading it lying down

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2. Walking into something while on your phone (ouch)

13% have walked into someone or something whilst looking at their mobile phone

There are now actually padded lamp posts in London. Source:

3. Selfie stick problems

12% have injured themselves while taking a selfie, and the same number had an accident whilst using a selfie stick 


4. Fridge wars

33% have trapped a finger in a door

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5. High heels, crash landings

33% have got a heel stuck in a grate or a gap in pavement 

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6. Transparency is key. Well, not all time...

24% have walked into a glass door or window because they didn’t see it 

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7. Who put the cat THERE?

21% admit that they have tripped over their pet 

Source: Sainbury's Christmas advert 2015

8. Vanity applified

24% have been burned by hot straighteners

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9. What a corker

12% say they have been hit by a champagne cork / prosecco cork 

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10. Low heels, crash landings

30% say they have tripped over their flip-flops

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11. Gym goals

27% of them have fallen off a treadmill 

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12. Who said keep fit was good for you?

13% have got stuck in a yoga position. (Cat's back...) 

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