Webinar: How to harness the power of data & analytics to transform your people strategy

Written by
Sarah Clark

11 Sep 2015

11 Sep 2015 • by Sarah Clark

About the webinar

How can you get to grips with talent analytics to transform your HR strategy? This week, we were delighted to partner with IBM on our latest webinar to find out. They shared their own talent analytics journey and tips on how to use the power of data to solve your own organisational challenges.

Catch up on this webinar to learn:

  • How to set the scene & context around talent analytics 
  • How IBM undertook a talent analytics project to solve their own organisational challenges 
  • How you can innovate with analytics to ensure you provide the right metrics to create a compelling HR strategy that delivers results

Watch the webinar

Hosted on our YouTube channel, you can watch the full presentation including the Q&A session here:

Download the presentation slides

Want to read the presentation in more detail? Click here to download the slides.


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