Building new leaders through mind, body and spirit

Written by
Simon Lee

30 Oct 2015

30 Oct 2015 • by Simon Lee

Develop every aspect of yourself

Personal development and fitness industries are like pieces of a puzzle that currently are not fitting together. In order to become an effective leader, it is important for HR managers and trainers to understand that training should look at the whole person focusing on both physical and mental focus and training.  

Better yourself in seven steps

1. The courage of responsibility.
This is often referred to as the hardest courage of all. It means having to take responsibility for everything that has happened in our lives – inside and outside of the work environment. The first stage of this is to see a way forward through dissolving blame towards others and ourselves and recognising that we must do this to be in control of our lives and if we want to be true leaders.

2. The courage of virtue. 
Integrity, honor and courage are values that may be out of fashion in today's society but they are the only form of real self-development. Building on these values removes any need to be duplicitous. True leadership of ourselves and others can only be performed by practicing these values. 

3. The courage of self discipline. 
Self-discipline is not about abstaining from pleasure in order to suffer as commonly thought.  It should be treated as a pleasure and returning to a process of learning about our own self-discovery.By practicing both physical and mental self-discipline it can reinforce a greater connection between mind and body resulting in increased intelligence, mental and physical resilience and personal creativity.All great leadership qualities.

4. The courage of self-protection. 
Great ideas, dreams, desires and goals are just stepping stones on the path to who we become through our life experiences. Procrastination and self- sabotage are very common reasons that we do not even attempt to reach the stepping stones. We are saturated with distractions in the environment of our modern world and our own fears draw us to them. It is essential we continually see the bigger picture within and around us and protect ourselves from issues that may deflect us from our goal.

5. The courage of seeking fear.
Fear is the predominant emotion in today's society. We can switch off fear in order to protect ourselves but to move on and achieve our goals, we must confront fear and understand what drives it. Many people misinterpret common manifestations of intense fear for confidence and courage. It is important to develop courage and confront fear in order to defeat it.  

6. The courage of compassion. 
Compassion should be at the heart of everything we do. It is the highest level of living and the only reason we truly exist according to the Samurai. Compassion is to really feel suffering and injustice around us which in turn leads to a real sense of justice and is a sign of great leadership. Compassion has been demonstrated by many great leaders over the years including Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln and the energy it creates never dies. Compassion is where we expand our awareness beyond what we can see and feel. 

7. The courage of self trust.
This is the level of complete faith in ourselves. According to the Samurai, to be a warrior is to be steadfast in who we are, regardless of external circumstances. Resilient, protected and prepared.