Podcast: Exclusive series on the future of work

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Changeboard Team

14 Feb 2017

14 Feb 2017 • by Changeboard Team

We’ve partnered with IBM to bring you an exclusive podcast series; don't miss out on your chance to download the entire sequence here.

These three podcasts offer insightful information on the future of work; focusing on:

  • Podcast 1: Talent acquisition - Find out what you should be prioritising in your talent acquisition strategy to ultimately create competitive advantage for your business to succeed in the new era of work.
  • Podcast 2: Personal development -  Learn how can you give your employees a personalised experience so they grow their career within your business and develop skills your organisation needs for the future.
  • Podcast 3: Employee engagement - Discover how you can produce meaningful insights around employee engagement to link back to your overall business strategy and demonstrate return on investment, ultimately driving future growth.     

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