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Changeboard Team

08 Jan 2012

08 Jan 2012 • by Changeboard Team

Winter in Australia

Well here in Australia it’s the beginning of the ski season; we’re not talking about the water ski season, but the snow season. Mid calendar year in Australia is our coldest part of the year and in the mountains of Victoria – appropriately called the Snowy Mountains - there is a lot of mid-year annual leave taken by people heading for the slopes.

It’s just another contrast between the northern and southern hemispheres that our seasons and sometimes our economies are juxtaposed.

Australian economy

Surprisingly, Australia’s economy actually went backwards last quarter (-1.2%) but, as you might imagine with much of our agricultural land, open cast mines and their attendant railway lines underwater, it’s hardly surprising that the country couldn’t export what it normally does. The floods of early 2011 were a significant challenge for large parts of the continent. 

With a temporary blip on the economic radar there comes the opportunity to review where we are in the world. The answer is more or less the same as it was late last year; a very good place.

HR recruitment market

The general recruitment market is considered to be quite strong and the specific HR recruitment market is certainly steady as demand for skills remains high and availability of talent starts to weaken.

There appears to be quite a strong market for contract HR professionals whether that is short term contractors engaged on an hourly basis, or more of a fixed term contract type of engagement for six, nine or 12 months.

Work in Australia

There has probably not been a better time for an Australian with overseas HR work experience to consider coming back home as the market, would in most cases, be very welcoming and positive. For visitors with visas, I think the welcome would also be warm; especially for those with experience of in-house recruitment or HR administration.

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