Dubai market update from Digby Morgan

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Changeboard Team

06 Dec 2013

06 Dec 2013 • by Changeboard Team

Political unrest means a fluid market

Although the situation in countries such as Egypt and Bahrain appears to have calmed, the ongoing unrest in areas like Syria means that the HR market remains fluid.

As we have been doing much more regional work in the last year this has had an impact on us and it has been interesting to see the repercussions of this unrest.

HR under pressure

We have seen HR under a huge amount of pressure to evacuate and remove expats from regional locations and bring employees and their families back to regional headquarters, which are often Dubai.

Many of these are HR professionals who then decide to look for work in the UAE to avoid returning. Hence we have seen a noticeable increase in candidates looking for roles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From a resourcing perspective, we are also seeing an increasing demand to help clients find national candidates in Egypt, Kuwait and Bahrain. As mentioned, a number of expats have been leaving these countries and it is often being seen as important to find GCC nationals to backfill HR roles in their home countries. 

Digby Morgan continues to do more work regionally and we have recently completed searches in Egypt, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and more recently, Algeria. Digby Morgan consultants were in Kuwait recently and really enjoyed meeting a number of clients who were very keen to be made aware of local, national and expatriate talent.

Digby Morgan HR forum in the Gulf

This year has seen us launch the Digby Morgan HR Forum. We have always been known in the region for our networking events but we wanted to create a forum which was much more business focused and interactive.

The inaugural Digby Morgan HR Forum event was held in April where we invited Aaron Clayton, formally HR Director of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and more recently Group Head of HR for Gulf Finance House in Bahrain, to speak. Aaron gave us a really insightful view into his experiences in the region as well as the current situation in Bahrain. We held our second event last month at the Qamardeen Hotel in Dubai where we co-hosted the event with Aon Hewitt. David Jones and Radhika Punshi from Aon Hewitt presented recent findings from their pioneering Research project ‘Quadurat – What drives Talent in the GCC.’ It was a great event with 60 HR professionals debating and discussing some really interesting findings.

The HR market in Dubai continues to be buoyant with more and more HR professionals from the UK, Europe and Australia showing interest in moving to the Middle East. We are always interested in talking to people who are considering this move and are more than happy to pass on an honest and frank appraisal of the market here.