Leadership attraction - what leadership method will you employ?

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Changeboard Team

15 Mar 2010

15 Mar 2010 • by Changeboard Team

Opportunity for change

The truly effective businesses are not those looking to just survive the recession but those seeing it as an opportunity for change. Across my research, in more than 250 interviews and through hundreds of written articles from successful businesses, there are a handful of trends, constantly repeated, that stand out from the crowd. These are the key considerations of successful businesses, those that are looking beyond the recession. 

Think global

When we mention global, people often think geographically. When we mention thinking wider, people often refer to a well used expression thinking outside the box. Think global may include both of these but it means more. Think Global is both and more. It is about leading the client in ways they have not considered. 

Most of all, think adding new value. It's very easy to think about the way you have always done it. Added value does not always come from improving processes, which can be hard to find. When you ask how to add new value, start to consider new ways of thinking. One of the important aspects of achieving this approach will be to consider everything from the client's perspective.

Protect the brand

Your company brand is your image as seen by the client. Everything you do adds to the brand or takes away from it. There is rarely neutral ground so protect the brand at all times. Culture is the biggest key to brand protection above all, ensure the culture within your organisation matches that of your brand, it will become a part of the people who represent you and they will in turn act as your brand ambassadors, displaying the company image wherever they go.

Be a master of your craft

Specialise and be the best you can be at what you do. People want specialists and experts who know what they are talking about particularly in HR and recruitment. Across the sector there are plenty of companies providing a range of services. The future will be defined by those that clearly articulate and provide the essential expertise needed by their client.

Ask yourself what makes us different in skills, knowledge or expertise. Think about a current client and ask how they would describe you to someone else. If they cannot then you are exposed. Why? Because a competitor who can describe themselves clearly will be more appealing to them.

Take calculated risks but leave nothing to chance

Innovation, creativity and throwing everything up in the air includes some risks. However, attention to detail is the counter balance that ensures the risks do not expose the organisation too much or in too many areas at once. It's imperative to try new ways of doing things but never, never, never take for granted the small things which can make or break everything.

Work with the best

It stands to reason that being a master of your craft means you need the best people.  However, best is not simply technically the best, it also means the people that fit the organisation culturally.

A lot of businesses subcontract out (or are subcontracted into) projects or work. Whether it is hiring an employee, bringing in a subcontractor or partnering with another organisation, the fit has to be right. In this case, fit is about the ability to compliment each other and combine skills, talent, values, strengths; and how to support each other in a way that makes the work run smooth and seamless. Above all, this is achieved when companies work hard at ensuring they work with the best people or partners they can.

These five practices are the starting point for those businesses wishing to really grow beyond the recession. Each one includes a hundred more facets that can improve and grow businesses but only when they are managed and overseen by strong leaders with a desire to achieve more for everyone involved. Business leaders within the HR and recruitment sector will discover that life after the recession will offer new Challenges and new opportunities. Now is the time to prepare for them.