Salary survey results - how can you maximise your earning potential?

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Changeboard Team

08 Mar 2012

08 Mar 2012 • by Changeboard Team

Hows the current HR recruitment market?

The HR jobs market remains challenging but is showing steady signs of improvement.

HR professionals with strong experience and skills will continue to secure new roles both in financial services and commercial businesses.

What companies are hiring?

Overall, we’re seeing more demand from commercial businesses than financial services firms. Natural resources, telecommunications and retail companies have been particularly active in the recruitment market lately.

However, smaller financial services firms have also been hiring – notably boutique asset managers, foreign exchange houses and insurers.

What skills/HR specialists are sought-after?

We’re currently seeing high volumes of reward jobs as businesses look to remain competitive in their compensation & benefits packages. HR systems specialists are also in demand because firms are very keen to streamline and globalise their existing local HR systems.

Many employers are seeing management information experience as a key skill for these jobs.

What are candidates looking for?

Job seekers are most motivated by an interesting and challenging role that offers potential for future career development. They’re also looking for a positive view of how HR is viewed across the rest of the business.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

In addition to technical HR knowledge, employers are looking for commercial awareness. To get noticed in the first place, you’ll need to articulate commercial highlights in your career history – such as P&L and ROI achieved in real terms – in your CV.

Essentially, HR professionals need to speak the same language as line managers in the broader business.

How can you overcome a career rut?

Firstly, get to the bottom of why you’re disengaged and explore what you can do about it. If you’re discontented because the HR function is not looked upon favourably in your organisation, what action can you take to push it higher up the agenda?

If you have done everything to engage yourself and it hasn’t worked, think about moving jobs. However, you need to be realistic. The current market is competitive, so be aware that it’s unlikely you will walk into your dream job.

What are today's essential HR skills?

Commercial knowledge is key at the moment so HR professionals need to develop this as much as possible. Employers are also seeking measures of how successful the HR function is – in terms of cost savings, number of hires made, volumes of employee relations cases and positive employee engagement surveys.

If an HR function is able to offer the business favourable results and clearly articulate these, it will ultimately be a lot easier to achieve their buy-in.

Im an HR director what can I expect to earn?

According to the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey, HR directors could expect to earn a basic annual salary (exclusive of benefits/bonuses) in the following regions of:

•    London: £90 – 180k
•    Brussels: €85 – 250k
•    Paris: €50 – 230k
•    Dusseldorf: €80 – 160k
•    Netherlands: €90k+
•    Sao Paulo: R$250 – 500k
•    Sydney: $220 – 350k
•    Shanghai: ¥1.2 – 1.8m
•    Hong Kong: ¥1.4 – 1.6m+
•    Tokyo: ¥18.5 – 35.5m
•    Kuala Lumpur: RM 180-420k+
•    Auckland: $150 – 250k
•    Singapore (HRBP): $60 – 400k+

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